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Alex Colley

Vice President of Florida Operations

Having worked in the real estate industry his entire career, Alex has encountered major highs & lows in the real estate market and knows how to find the solution for any scenario thrown his way. After relocating to Tampa in 2009, Alex quickly became known as “The Producer,” a nickname affectionately given to him by one of his customers because “when it comes to real estate, HE PRODUCERS RESULTS!”

When asked about his experience with distressed properties, Alex answered “ I understand the position you’re in, because I’ve been in your shoes before. The only way to truly understand the emotional process of selling real estate, is to have experienced it for yourself. I’ve completed well over 1000 transactions, and I offer a low stress, fast solution to anyone who wants to get their home sold quickly.”


Expertise in analyzing the TRUE, AS IS value of a home.   Having managed renovation projects from the ground up, Alex knows the real costs required to get a home up to today’s code requirements, and knows what repairs MUST be done for a home to be brought up to the condition required to re-sell to a homeowner using traditional financing & insurance. With 15 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent, and actively involved with listing homes for homeowners, Alex understands TODAY’S market, and the fluctuations that occur on a monthly basis… a skill that no automated program like Zillow will EVER be capable of.