Tyler Banks is one of Baltimore Business Journal’s 40 Under 40

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Congrats to Tyler Banks!

We are thrilled to announce that our founder and CEO Tyler Banks has been named one of the Baltimore Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. Tyler, along with 39 other honorees chosen from a group of more than 350 nominees, was selected based on his position leading, supporting and bettering Baltimore City.

Tyler, a former United States Marine began Charm City Builders after recognizing a need in Baltimore for updated, well-built homes in neighborhoods that once flourished. He has devoted himself and his team to ‘bettering Baltimore, one block at a time,’ and has delivered with more than 105 homes in Baltimore City and surrounding areas. Tyler brings an unrivaled level of quality, skill and workmanship to every project he takes on. He devotes his time and expert resources to making sure each home he rehabs contributes to the overall ‘feel’ of the neighborhood.

“Nothing compares to completing a home and watching the domino effect– families move in, streets become fuller, neighborhoods and communities grow and the city benefits in ways I never thought possible. I love this city, and I love coming to work every day with the goal of making it better.”

The team at Charm City Builders would like to extend our congratulations to Tyler and commend him on his hard work and dedication to the city. Look for more information about Tyler and the other honorees in the October 16th publication of the Baltimore Business Journal.

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