1271 Rock Hill Road : Behind The Project

1271 Rock Hill Road Property is a property that I had bought from a wholesaler without looking at it in person prior to the sale. Typically buying sight unseen is risky and not advised. However, I had done this before and also worked with the seller many times. When I finally visited the property, I felt sick to my stomach. My thoughts immediately went to a mix of, “How do I get out of this?” and “What have I done?”.

Working on this property was demanding and strenuous, both physically and mentally. Ultimately, this project became something incredibly rewarding and reminded me of some core concepts! 

  1. I need to physically look at a place if it is a tighter deal! 

I knew this property needed renovation work upon buying it, but I didn’t realize to what extent because I was only looking at the pictures. I was riding an emotional high from selling so many properties that I didn’t take time to actually dive deeper into the facts about this property. I realized I needed to maintain stable and constant energy in order to have sustainable growth, which means I cannot buy irrationally. Especially when it comes to tighter deals and giving the property attention. Focus is the key to making a wise choice on whether to buy or not.

  1. Take ownership. Don’t pass blame and make yourself a victim! 

Situations like this one make it so easy to want to turn the blame onto someone else. Pointing outward amidst your own frustration and making yourself the victim does not benefit anyone. I recognized that I needed to take ownership because this was nobody’s fault but my own. Instead of sulking in the blame, I pushed forward. I took this as a lesson to look at how this can be prevented in the future.. Taking accountability is how you can turn what seems like a disaster into your own win. 

  1. Relationships are key to helping you get through a storm 

Relationships were a critical aspect of this renovation. Turning to my faith through persistent prayer is a crucial part of my life. While I initially wanted to just turn away from this situation and sell as-is, I had to trust the voice telling me to pursue this project. Turning to a trusted contractor relationship I had built, helped dig myself out of feeling lost in this situation. Then, an incredible agent helped to keep me on track through the process of selling and settlement. It is important to build strong relationships because you never know when you might face a storm.

  1. Gratitude for all the support, learned lessons, and possibly still ending up in the black not red!

What began as a difficult situation became an opportunity for growth. I was reminded of where to keep my focus and how to approach situations in the future. I am grateful for the people who helped me along the way in completing this project and the lessons this process taught me. While my initial hope was to just break even, in the end we ended up very close to that goal. This property might not have been a “win” monetarily, however through great persistence, was a large win personally in my growth. 

See 1271 Rock Hill’s Transformation Story

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